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Company Background

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Kumpulan Barkath traces its origin back to 1940 when a visionary entrepreneur, the late Haji Abu Backer Bin Mohd Hussain, founded a sundry shop called Barkath Stores in Union Street, Penang. “Barkath” means “Blessed” in Arabic. Later the sundry shop housed its goods of retail Super Stores in 6 cities.

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Once the shop was established, Haji Abu Backer expanded the business to manufacture Hacks – brand which has a special place in the history of the Group.

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In the mid 1960's, Haji Abu Backer, an enterprise man with great foresight, obtained manufacturing rights from the original makers of Hacks sweets from England and set up a manufacturing base in Mak Mandin, Penang. In 1965 Haji Abu Backer negotiated with Denmark for license to produce locally.

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The Group is currently under the leadership of Dato Seri Barkath Ali, the eldest son of Haji Abu Backer who shares his father's vision and service-oriented attitude. Today, Kumpulan Barkath has 22 companies around the world that are involved in manufacturing, import-export, distribution, property development, investment, plantation, hospitals and communications.

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The Deputy CEO, Mr. Anwar Kabir together with Dato' Seri Barkath Ali has brought the company to greater heights and high achievements after the demice of Late Father Haji Abu Backer


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The Group's key brands – Hacks, Sunquick, Kings, Classfoods and Sarina and etc – are household names in Malaysia and are positioned as market leaders in their respective categories.

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The Group's slogan "Barkath for Foods" upholds its vision and mission of delivering the best quality food ranges while understanding customers' needs at the same time.

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A major milestone for the Group was the establishment of Barkath Co-Ro Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. – a joint venture company with Co-Ro Food A/S, Denmark to produce Sunquick fruit juice for the Malaysian market and has 12 range of flavours

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